Couples Shower ...A New Twist on an Old Tradition

   For years the tradition of throwing a bride-to-be, or an expectant mother, a get-together with her friends and family has been regarded as strictly a female event.  Well times are a changin'.  More and more, bridal and baby showers have started to include men on the guest list and are being referred to as a "Couples Shower" or a "Jack and Jill Party".  And why shouldn't they?  Over the years the domestic roles have changed so why shouldn't the events that celebrate these roles change along with them?

Once Upon a Time...

   A women's role was primarily that of housewife and mother.  The woman took care of the cooking, the cleaning, and caring for the children while it was the man's job to go out and make the money.  Therefore when it came time to give a party to help a couple with the expenses involved with starting a home or preparing for a child, it was naturally left to the women.  Meanwhile, if the occasion were a bridal shower, the men would get together and have a "bachelor" or "stag" party.

  Well those traditional domestic roles have long since changed.  Men are helping with the housework and the kids, while women are out there in the workforce helping to "bring home the bacon".  This is nothing new.  It's a change that started almost 30 years ago.  Why then should we revert back to the outdated roles when it comes time to throw a shower?  The answer is we shouldn't.  

The Couple's Shower

   There's more to throwing a Couples Shower then just telling all the women to bring their husbands or boyfriends.  Many of the traditional games and activities that go over well at an all-female shower do not go over as well when men are involved.  So forget about making hats out of the bows and some of the other frilly things you usually see at showers.  Try to concentrate more on activities that will interest both the men and the women.   

   Keep men in mind when planning the menu.  Often times a Couples Shower tends to be less formal than your traditional shower so serving items such as pizza and ribs is acceptable.  If you plan to serve alcohol make sure to have cold beer on hand.

   Make sure to keep both the invitations and the decorations as "male-friendly" as possible. The invitations should clearly state that it is a get-together for both women and men.  Don't be afraid to use the word "shower" in the invitation.  Often times if you strictly refer to the event as a "party" guests may show up without a gift.

   This site was designed as a way of passing along information regarding a new trend in baby and bridal showers that has emerged over the last few years.  Going forward we plan to update this site regularly with new ideas and suggestions.  We are currently working on a design to allow viewers of this site to input their own ideas and suggestions.  Please check back with this site often for changes.

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